A New Year With New Valuables to Insure in 2024

There are things in your home that can easily break, go missing, or be targeted for a burglary, so when kicking off a new year, one of your concerns should be the safety of all those lovely new gifts you received over the holidays.

Whether you received small valuables from friends and family, such as jewelry, or if you purchased a large entertainment system for yourself over Black Friday, you’re going to want them protected. This means that you need to pay attention to what’s currently covered under your insurance, and add your new gifts to your list of items to be covered.

Did you even know your homeowners insurance covers you for theft, damage, and losses to your home contents, including your valuables? Since it does, it’s important if you received new valuables to insure that you add them to your current insurance policy. It can help to know how insurance works and what’s covered, so we’re going to go over all of this for you below.

Homeowners insurance varies from plan to plan, but many of them follow the same pattern of covering similar home items. Some possessions you can cover include furniture, clothing and jewelry, electrical goods, and your brand new phone, too. The goods are covered in the basic level for fire or theft, and you can even include accidental damage in there, too. You cannot always predict when there’s going to be a disaster, but you can protect yourself by expecting the worst and properly insuring your items.

There are some things that you can’t file a claim for when it comes to your valuables. This includes things like wear and tear from overuse. As you use your gifts or purchases, they will wear down and an insurance policy will not pay out for that.

Understanding all the various insurance policies, and whether another one can benefit you as well is important too. If you received a new ATV or boat, homeowners insurance isn’t going to help you. You’re going to need boat & recreational vehicle insurance.

Insurance is something that gives you peace of mind when you receive valuable items. Check with your insurance agent whether specific items are safe in your current policy from peril. Understand the items that your insurance policy will cover and upgrade your insurance policies when needed.

If you don’t have a relationship with an insurance agent, choosing the right one is your first step to protecting your valuables this year. When you choose Anderson Insurance Agency, you are choosing to partner with some of the most knowledgeable and detailed agents in New Jersey. Call us today and we can talk you through insuring your new valuables.

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